Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gimme a break!..shOots :D

e7m:)I'll start with a dedication:)
This pic is dedicated 2 Montaha ..a7la banoota fel 3alam{--kef el tar8ee3;P
Mantoosh la tez3aleen tara a7ebbish moot<3<3;p

mn gad tamayyoz yaboshabab:P

I know it's a known flavor:D,but I found it a little bit eyyyyo:({--Allah ykarrem el ne3ma

Umm I'll let U know what is written on here!:)
HARBAN :D :D he meant 2 say 5arban :D LOL. la w el targama morfa8a kaman ;P


ya3ne la tfashlona=P


So bad timing.I know!
coz 2morrow I've 2 go 2 the univ.:(
frankly,I don't know wether I'm happy or sad!excited or bored!I mean the summer vacation this year was waaay too long 'n I had enough thank God!
but I think I'm a little bit nervous bout goin' 2 univ. after4 mths of relaxing,sleeping 'n havin' fun!!
Allah y3eeeeen!

peace out~