Monday, September 1, 2008

K.S.U way..shots:D

I like photography so much 2 the extent that I go everywhere with my cam even 2 the univ sometimes n I take shots 4 everything that catch my eye weather weird,beautiful,funny or sometimes discusting!!:S
Also K.S.U{--my univ is too far away n we almost commute 2 it!!
On my way 2 it back n forth,I live a whole life! sometimes I wear nail polish in the car n make it dry under the ac ;) sometimes I eat my sandwitch:Dn sometimes I find stupid stuff n I take pics 4 them!Like I'm a tourist or something!:Sso here are some of them! IN jOY =)


BIG LOL=D..good job bro!;)he lookes foreigner!


What a nice name!:S:P

These pics r not from the amazing univ way<3:P

so creative ya mo9'y;P

Ra9'eeee3 !!lol=D

a7es 7aram! :'(

this was n Mexico corner's menu!:){--ysm3oon bel de88ah!

Quiz of the day:Which brand are these shoes,LV or GUCCI?:P

mn gd LOL:D

Za second part will come soon..

so stay tune..{--amoot fel she3er;P


missco0ol smile said...

amazing subject
i really liked it
the pic were very cooool
and the most important thing MODI MODA

miss queen said...

LoOoLs !!

allah la ylomk , mmshwar el univ bed3a mn beda3 el-3alm el 7 !!

mra woOow Louis Gucci or Gucci Vuitton .... Whatever it was !!
this is gonna be the One :)
Ab3`aha L eL univ :(
mn y76l el 2 soa <- !!

post 7low w pics mra nice
thank u ..
u made me Laugh

Romance Lover said...

WOoOoOW ur soOo creative my dear minmen ^_* ,,

i really like your posts ...

mn jd blog muthheEel :D


LV & Gucci hahahaha 2 n 1 ,, LOoOoL

6ree8 el univ << it drives me craZzZy ,,


frankly ,,

i love your style,, mn jd
mrrra thoOou8

keep it up manNO :$

Mona said...

miss cool smile.
Thx,,glad dat U like 'em:)
MODI MODA is reeeally ebda3;p

miss queen.
You must get the shoes right now Ghada 4 the univ!..don't miss it baby cuz ur gonna be aksha5 gurl in the univ no doubt!!:PLOL

Romance lover.
Thanks 4 this whole bunch of compliments:#

about the univ way..may God be with us!!!
n Gucci Vuitton m8addama sweetie:P


L.I.Riyadh© said...

thos LVGuccis are bloody hilarious!!! and the fan in the back of the car... WOW... those shots were simply hilarious! I love taking pics when I am out as well, but it kinda annoys my husband when I take my cam out all the time.. lol...

Keep up the great shots!

And lovely blog!

Mona said...
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Mona said...

Thank you so much:)
so glad that u liked my shots.