Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A lunch in Deriyah

ompletely out of the blue , my za7af family decided 2 have our friday lunch in Der3eah:S
FAG2AAAAA!!!! we packed our stuff or THEY packed in better wordz ,got into the car and headed 2 Der3eah! It was not far away!I got surprised by the beauty of the traditional landmarks there,, we went to wadi 7anifah 'n had our lunch on it's edge!It was a kind of exotic adventure.
I was takin' snap shots all the time as I always do;) my bros 'n I got a lesson in history:) what really catched my eye is the big mosque of Der3eah<3..It was very beautiful(the one on the lift side of the pic). Also, I liked the palm trees surrounding nearly all the places there!
peace out~

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Secret admirer<3

See this adorable cute bouquet?
It's from my secret admirer:$

if Ur wondering why it is only one single lonely rose there!
I'll say that it symbolizes that I am the only beautiful rose in his life<3<-in ur dreamz=P
just kidding:PIt is a small bouquet designed by mama!
wildly creative, huh? she's an artist masha2 Allah!

it's dedicated 2 her colleague..
just wanted 2 show U 2 get inspired if U wanna give a simple cute single flower 2 someone U love!


Friday, March 6, 2009


f u r in a sitution when U have 2 choose btw ur LOVE or ur DIGNITY, which one would U choose 'n why?

Do love blend well with dignity???In other wordz .. Can U love someone without giving some consessions 'n losing completely or partly some of ur dignity?

a couple a quistions that I need someone 2 share answering them with me ,coz when it comes 2 dignity I usually go extreme 'n not think reasonably!

The design:
Photo: By Me
Editing: By Me

peace out~