Monday, July 28, 2008

London,Canada or Austria?!(part 2)

hey guyz..


now it's Canada's turn<3 . I visited Montreal city, which is part of Quebec region. The main language there is french!but anywayz,most of them can speak English.

I went there in winter,February.Every thing was covered with ice but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my time there coz as a Saudi,ice means sth 2 me :P

Our host was a French Canadian old man .His name was Raymond.He was a marketer in a company that my father has a kinda business with _the main purpose 4 this trip was dad's business_

I had a greaaat shopping there!In Montreal, there is a huge shopping mall or maybe malls underground!!coz of the heavy winter that they have .

It's not the underground!it's a mall called ka3'fool laval< nice name,huh?:P

Shmagh is everywhere<3

even in Canada

When I was on the plane flying 2 Montreal on Canadian airlines,a flight attendant came 2 serve me a drink(I mean water,juice..etc)and he said:You want Vodka ,don't you?

OMG!!I opened my eyes n said:NoOoOoOo!!!:O ofcourse not!!he laughed at me n said:your father goes like this (n he observed my father's face.)LoL:P dad was staring at him
with an angry face:D Luv u dad<3

I took an orange juice .. After a while,the same guy came 2 serve another course of drinks.When he reached me he said:Do you want more orange juice sweetie?(sweetie!hey bro don't you see my scarf?I'm a muslim gurl n such words shouldn't be used with Muslim women!but I guess he just wanted 2 be nice!!)I said:no thank U..He said:-coffee?I moved my head negatively-tee?no..-me?:O :O pardon?!I was relly shocked!!WESH TEBEEEEE??then he said 2 the Indian guy that was sitting in front of me: -she is my new girlfriend !! n he cachinnated!!!WAAAAA3!!!:S

2 B honest, I felt soO disgussed!!n that's not because of his v.old age n his white hair !!-he was in the age of my grandfather by the way!!-
coz I'm not used 2 such behaviour!I'm so shy n modest as any Muslim gurl should be(I mean the modest thing not the shyness!)

Besides, mom n dad were sitting next 2 me n that's not appropriate even if it's just "kidding"!
Don't you think so???

In Canada,4 the 1st time in my life!,I attended business confirances with my dad n I had some discussions with the experts!!It was reeeeeeally fun:D

this was the weirdest dish I've ever had!!

this purple thing on the right is a sliced octopus with onion:S
and that thing in the middle is a squid!the slices on the left are a kinda vegetable which looks like a cucumber from outside and an egg plant from inside:S!!
with a Greek salad.WHAT A MIXTURE!!

Canadian ppl in general were soo nice..I was back from a BIG shopping trip with mom carrying a huge amount of bags in the hotel..when I ordered the elevator I put my bags down n one of them fell on the side n there were an old man standing next 2 me,he took the fallin' bag n put it right in its place
(It's a simple act but It meant a lot 2 me!!-I pay so much attention 4 small things-)
I thanked him n I got in the elevator.

this was my breakfast

this was written by Raymond:D
n the smile face is by me
Moo na<-sounds like a karate shout:P
well..that's pretty much it..the next post will be about Austria (only pics)
so C ya then
peace outّ"

Friday, July 18, 2008

London,Canada or Austria?!

the summer vacation has just started!!everybody is thinkin' about travelling and where 2 spend this vacation.Europe,America,Australia or Asia?or somewhere else!
I've visited some countries n I'll give U some sort of info about a selection of them that I liked the most.with some picz,my personal opinion and stupid stories about each:P

The capital of England,a very beautiful and lively city full of ppl,coffee shops n heritage.This city is the greatest mixture btw history and modernization.In London, you can smell the aroma of the 60's n the 70's and enjoy ur time lookin' at every single detail n this charming city.I really liked the taxies there!!look at them! pretty cute !!

they give the city its own style n flavour..PS.the taxies r modern but they look v.old (I know its so stupid thought but I had a dout that they r modern when I saw 'em :D). what I like really n London is that if anyone takes a snap shot n this city, you'll certainly recognize that it's London n thats coz of the special style that it has!

Range Rover(L)

2 be honest..I didn't like British ppl at all!!they treated us veeeery badly n I was about 2 cry @ the airport when they told me to take off my coat ,I was wearing a sleevless shirt n I'm veiled,HOW CAN I DO THAT???I told the employee: Don't u have a private room or sth?coz so n so but he wasn't listening 2 me!!then they passed mom n dad n left me alone standin' on the side watchin' all ppl while they pass.

After that, an Arabic speakig employee(woman) came 2 me n asked me in a Lebanese accent:bt7ke 3arabe?I said:yes she said:e5la3e me36afek!I told her blah blah blah she said:so wait ! OH REALLY??I know that!!after an annoying disconvenience- they were shouting not talking by the way-they took me n ma mom 2 a private room n did their work!!why didn't u do that from the veeery beginning!!8ellat adab!

This is queen Elizabeth's palace..

The piccadilly square

I'll tell u this story n tell me what da ya think..

I went with mom n dad 2 a coffee shop on Oxford 2 have breakfast(pret a manager)and drank some coffee with some sandwitches

(I noticed that most of their sandwitches r filled with( thayyel! ):P no kidding!some kinds of grass that I don't consider eatable at all!I feel like a cow when I eat 'em)

after a british brkf I went out of the cafe' and walked down the street n stopped 2 see my shots in the cam . All of a sudden ,a tall,old black man was running 2 me! he stopped behind me n start shouting @ me in an American accent!!but I didn't understand a word!!!I didn't even look @him .I was completely terrified!!horrified!!afraid 2 death!!my face start reflecting the rainbow!!thank God my dad was standing on my right n my mom was on the left or I would be dead now!then he simply just walked away!!

Oh gosh remembering this gives me goose bumps!
after this horrifying situation my mom was laughing at me while I was yelling:I hate London! I wanna go back 2 K.S.A<3

take me 2 the airpoooort!!:P

and the rest is history:P

I'll talk about Canada n Austria the next post coz obviously this is so enough 4 now!!

so stay tune:D


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

welcome everybody..!!

In the name of Allah,most gracious,most merciful

I opened this blog 2 share parts of me...a small area 4 my

thoughts,ideas,photos,opinions and alot more.I hope you like it and have fun.

If you have any comments or feedbacks don't be

hesitate 2 contact me via blog comments or e-mails ,and the 2nd feature

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