Monday, July 28, 2008

London,Canada or Austria?!(part 2)

hey guyz..


now it's Canada's turn<3 . I visited Montreal city, which is part of Quebec region. The main language there is french!but anywayz,most of them can speak English.

I went there in winter,February.Every thing was covered with ice but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my time there coz as a Saudi,ice means sth 2 me :P

Our host was a French Canadian old man .His name was Raymond.He was a marketer in a company that my father has a kinda business with _the main purpose 4 this trip was dad's business_

I had a greaaat shopping there!In Montreal, there is a huge shopping mall or maybe malls underground!!coz of the heavy winter that they have .

It's not the underground!it's a mall called ka3'fool laval< nice name,huh?:P

Shmagh is everywhere<3

even in Canada

When I was on the plane flying 2 Montreal on Canadian airlines,a flight attendant came 2 serve me a drink(I mean water,juice..etc)and he said:You want Vodka ,don't you?

OMG!!I opened my eyes n said:NoOoOoOo!!!:O ofcourse not!!he laughed at me n said:your father goes like this (n he observed my father's face.)LoL:P dad was staring at him
with an angry face:D Luv u dad<3

I took an orange juice .. After a while,the same guy came 2 serve another course of drinks.When he reached me he said:Do you want more orange juice sweetie?(sweetie!hey bro don't you see my scarf?I'm a muslim gurl n such words shouldn't be used with Muslim women!but I guess he just wanted 2 be nice!!)I said:no thank U..He said:-coffee?I moved my head negatively-tee?no..-me?:O :O pardon?!I was relly shocked!!WESH TEBEEEEE??then he said 2 the Indian guy that was sitting in front of me: -she is my new girlfriend !! n he cachinnated!!!WAAAAA3!!!:S

2 B honest, I felt soO disgussed!!n that's not because of his v.old age n his white hair !!-he was in the age of my grandfather by the way!!-
coz I'm not used 2 such behaviour!I'm so shy n modest as any Muslim gurl should be(I mean the modest thing not the shyness!)

Besides, mom n dad were sitting next 2 me n that's not appropriate even if it's just "kidding"!
Don't you think so???

In Canada,4 the 1st time in my life!,I attended business confirances with my dad n I had some discussions with the experts!!It was reeeeeeally fun:D

this was the weirdest dish I've ever had!!

this purple thing on the right is a sliced octopus with onion:S
and that thing in the middle is a squid!the slices on the left are a kinda vegetable which looks like a cucumber from outside and an egg plant from inside:S!!
with a Greek salad.WHAT A MIXTURE!!

Canadian ppl in general were soo nice..I was back from a BIG shopping trip with mom carrying a huge amount of bags in the hotel..when I ordered the elevator I put my bags down n one of them fell on the side n there were an old man standing next 2 me,he took the fallin' bag n put it right in its place
(It's a simple act but It meant a lot 2 me!!-I pay so much attention 4 small things-)
I thanked him n I got in the elevator.

this was my breakfast

this was written by Raymond:D
n the smile face is by me
Moo na<-sounds like a karate shout:P
well..that's pretty much it..the next post will be about Austria (only pics)
so C ya then
peace outّ"


Romance Lover said...

soOoO impressive ,,

i love the 1st pic < i wanna live in that house < in your dream hahahah ...

the weather is V.N!CE < methel el riyadh < do moOore from it :D

omma raymond < ma ye7taj shahadty feeh majroo7ah < hahahha tmooooon :$

wa9eli 3la el ebda3 3an jad shay raaaaaaye8 O fatheee3 :)

Mona said...

U know what makes me continue blogging?
ur super nice comments friend<3
ur right,the weather was just coOoOol;)
Raymond ya 7lela:)
y7b yt6annaz 3alay:$
aham shay ennek tmoonen;P