Thursday, May 28, 2009


2day,I went with my dad 2 the hospital 2 visit my paternal granny!when I 1st entered, I felt something strange!I felt sadness,sorrow,and pain:(!I donno why do I hate hospitals!but don't they give kinda negative signs?I think they spread some sense of depression!I have no idea how doctors, nurses and other workers can bare the atmosphere there!
Hospitals are places for rescuing afters God's well,no dought!and alot of the people there are really heroes!

We may face a day when we have 2 stay in a hospital 4 a quiet time, or forever-God forbid-!So we have to feel it, and rush to visit all who we know and who we don't -if possible- 2 tell 'em that we are there for them and we will always be..!

you can never imagine how relief the simple visit can make!As prophet Mohammad said:"When a Muslim visits a sick Muslim at dawn, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till dusk. If he visits him in the evening, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till the morning; and he will have (his share of) reaped fruits in Jannah."

visiting the sick is among the responsibilities and duties that a Muslim should fulfil.

May Allah bless us all with health and joy and cure and heal all the sick people in the world!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fahad's broken forehand:"(

Last weekend was a pretty hard 1 ! Mama flew over 2 Makkah with my older brothers on Wednesday. My little brothers 'n I stayed in granny's house. On Thursday night,All the family went on a trip 2 the desert .It was so much fun^^ .my granny,aunty Sam, the kids and I got in a car 2 get back home and we left Fahad 2 come with my cousins later. while we were in the car on our way home getting stuck in Riyadh's heavy traffic,my aunt called 2 ask aunty Sam to make Fahad sleep over in their house which turned out that she was trying 2 cover something up!aunty Sam got suspecious and started 2 speak very loudly and nervously!I knew right a way that there were something wrong!

she said in a scared tone:what hppened?Did he fall out?Did he got hert?I got SOOO FRIGHTENED!!!it turned out that Fahad fell off the motorbike 'n broke his hand!I burst into tears and prayed that God protect him!He is 10 year old!My poor little brother!the thing that mde it dilemma was that Mama wasn't there and I'm the responsible now!

also, we didn't have Any thing in our hands 2 do!we were stuck in the middle of horrible traffic jam!

when we got home..aunty Sam took the car with the chauffeur 2 go 2 the hospital(the good thing was that my aunt's hubby was there and he is a doctor and definitely knows what 2 do,that made me feel a little relief).

I stayed with my little sisters and grandma waiting 4 them ,spening the whole night cryin' till I fell asleep.

I felt something moving next 2 me !when I opened my eyes, I saw FahoODy lying next 2 me!

I was almost crying but I tried my best 2 hide my tears.I saw him with a huge splint on his hand up 2 his elbow:""(

UUUUH it was so hard!

Mama was planning 2 come on Sat. but Thank God she changed her plan and came back on Friday!

Although It was a hard experience,But It enhanced my sense of responsibility, BIG TIME!

After the situation calmed down,I grabbed my markers 'n highlighters 2 draw some paintingz on his splint;)

He got so many signs from everybody<3and they lived happely ever since=P

take care(F)


meet al7asna2 3annaba<3 XP
Gosh how I was crazy bout her when I was a little kid!
she was the symbol of beauty 4 me!I wanted 2 look just like her!her fancy dress,her cute face, even the GREEN hair-__-"..I used 2 observe her in everything,her hairstyle, her outfit, even the way she talksXP
aunty Sam kanat m36yatne gawwe marra <3<3
she and my granny bought me 3annaba's dress which doesn't look even close to hers!THANK GOD!XP
and she dedicated a new fancy chair in their house 2 be 3annaba's throne!
also, she bought me a little crown 2 look like a princess<3
was more than thrilled 2 have these little things^^ .I was jumpin' here 'n there with my fluffy little dress 'n crown imagining that I'm the beautiful princess 3annbah<3

ooooh how I miss being a child!:"/

take care(F)