Monday, May 11, 2009


meet al7asna2 3annaba<3 XP
Gosh how I was crazy bout her when I was a little kid!
she was the symbol of beauty 4 me!I wanted 2 look just like her!her fancy dress,her cute face, even the GREEN hair-__-"..I used 2 observe her in everything,her hairstyle, her outfit, even the way she talksXP
aunty Sam kanat m36yatne gawwe marra <3<3
she and my granny bought me 3annaba's dress which doesn't look even close to hers!THANK GOD!XP
and she dedicated a new fancy chair in their house 2 be 3annaba's throne!
also, she bought me a little crown 2 look like a princess<3
was more than thrilled 2 have these little things^^ .I was jumpin' here 'n there with my fluffy little dress 'n crown imagining that I'm the beautiful princess 3annbah<3

ooooh how I miss being a child!:"/

take care(F)


мσσŋч said...

heey XD
LOOL el-9ara7ah hathy ma a3rfha .!
& the childhood will still a nice dayz
ylla 3gbaal ma et3eeshenha ma3 ur
children ^^'

keep it up (Y)

Manno~ said...

I was obsessed with herXD
you r definitely right
3o8balek ente kaman 7bebe<3

мσσŋч said...

no no i'm still younG
fe 3omer el-ZhoOr
etha enty 3arsty ana ba3ares !

ღ Rawan said...

N arabic "Amouuuuut 3la loun elsh3ar" LOL :P

I don't know her!!I was n love with "Lady" <3 she rocks :P

Manno~ said...

hey, I'm still young too!:(


Rona asma7 lek t3'l6een 3la ay a7ad ella 3annabah<3
wah bs<3
the hair iz COOL XP ha4a w el a59'ar ur fav. coloR!!

LADY uuuuh!
was in luv with her also<8albe kbeer=P
I still remember the whole song ov lady
wanna sing it 4 u?