Tuesday, February 24, 2009

s3ody + 3ajoz=P

Good luck with Ur 3aagoz bro=P

peace out~

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beautiful Flowers..<3

My lil sisters R growing some beatiful tiny lil flowerz which look pretty much like them^_^..luv the colorz sO much<33

Bout my break..as I expected,I didn't stick to my list:P but thingz R getting better!anywho,I got a new
piercing B) it hurts a lil bit but I like it<3
the good newz Z that Ghada gonna be back 2morrow in God's well,I miss her so bad wallah!<3


Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Finally!.Finalz R N the history book =D

My grades up till now R good thank God=),though I haven't got 'em all.

Anyway,I have a lot of self-imposed rules 4 this short break n I hope I can apply them, specially that my soul mate Gaddo0 isn't N Saudi now ,she's N Hong Kong ..but she'll come back a week later in God's well.


1-sleeping late S a big No No,I should sleep early, max 2 a.m;)<--I know I'm gonna break that =P

2-fast food S allowed only N a reasonable amount, a lot of fast food S forbidden!

3-Healthy food S a MUST,I should eat a lot of saladz, fruits n dairy products.

4-I should read a book, any interesting book, coz reading has been a lost factor N my life 4 a long time.I usually by books,read the 1st two pages then dump'em forever!!I think that the Internet has sucked me into its world that I forgot about some of my hobbies 'n interests, coz I remember that I was a good reader when I was a kid!

I hope I don't cop out ..!

Have an AWESOME break all=)

Peace out~

Thursday, February 12, 2009


See this?
It's my first attempt with the photoshop:$wut da ya think?
If U r wondering bout all the photo designs oN my blog, I would admit that this is not my individual work..I mean Idon't do them on my own=) I choose the photo or I take it from my own collection of pix then I ask one of my bros 2 do the work 4 me BUT with me supervising the whole thing,I mean that all the work is done according to my taste 'n style but I hate 2 bother with the coplicated work!=P
but now I've got over all of this 'n I'm gonna start workin' on my own if I didn't at3egaz=P
plz tell me is it a good start or just a piece of crap :D?3ad comeoon I know it's good !XDbut U know modest is the best moral;P
U noticed?I said I will B busy hittin' the books 'n now I'm posting more frequently than EVER!!!what a dafrah!!!:-D

peace out~

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rainy Day<3

It has rained 2day.. I guess it was showers rather than a real rain..
anyway..everything looks clean..as if the streets has been covered with black carpet...
I can smell the freshness of the air...
It's a beautiful aroma..!
I can spend the whole day breathin' near the window..
now the sun sends its golden rays through the fluffy clouds..I guess she feels jealous!=)

great weather 2day)
I know I said I won't B here but finals seem 2 have opened my appetite 4 posting;P
sha67a:ymdeekom 3atadarrog;P