Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Finally!.Finalz R N the history book =D

My grades up till now R good thank God=),though I haven't got 'em all.

Anyway,I have a lot of self-imposed rules 4 this short break n I hope I can apply them, specially that my soul mate Gaddo0 isn't N Saudi now ,she's N Hong Kong ..but she'll come back a week later in God's well.


1-sleeping late S a big No No,I should sleep early, max 2 a.m;)<--I know I'm gonna break that =P

2-fast food S allowed only N a reasonable amount, a lot of fast food S forbidden!

3-Healthy food S a MUST,I should eat a lot of saladz, fruits n dairy products.

4-I should read a book, any interesting book, coz reading has been a lost factor N my life 4 a long time.I usually by books,read the 1st two pages then dump'em forever!!I think that the Internet has sucked me into its world that I forgot about some of my hobbies 'n interests, coz I remember that I was a good reader when I was a kid!

I hope I don't cop out ..!

Have an AWESOME break all=)

Peace out~


emoshi said...

yeah sis good luck with your list , i have mone also to work with lol the first one of course is on ma list , no sleeping late and here i am breaking that rule looool
have anice break :)

XD said...

1000 mbrook el naja7 oO el darajat el 7lowa.. 38bal daieem " : )

although I konw that ur list is not for real- especially the fast food thingy -,I`ll suport u n I`ll try 2 be Positive .. so the best of luck with it.

Miss u 2 death girl
slmi 3a 5alto

*that Ta9mem is so ba6al , 7abeto mra <3

Mona said...

Hey emoshi:D
I'm breaking it right now lol;P
but I wish I can keep the rest!!
U r welcome gurl 'n have an awsome break ;)

Mona said...

HEEEEEY 3'addoOosh<3
miss U so much ya dob:"(
Yeah bout the list .. I wanna keep it la t7a6meen!!:(
Thnx 4 the compliment on my design 'n elgayaat a7la en sha2 Allah;)
hope uR havin' a great time;D
enjoy sweety <3<3(F)

мσσŋч said...


nice rules ..
enshallah msheety 3alehom