Thursday, May 28, 2009


2day,I went with my dad 2 the hospital 2 visit my paternal granny!when I 1st entered, I felt something strange!I felt sadness,sorrow,and pain:(!I donno why do I hate hospitals!but don't they give kinda negative signs?I think they spread some sense of depression!I have no idea how doctors, nurses and other workers can bare the atmosphere there!
Hospitals are places for rescuing afters God's well,no dought!and alot of the people there are really heroes!

We may face a day when we have 2 stay in a hospital 4 a quiet time, or forever-God forbid-!So we have to feel it, and rush to visit all who we know and who we don't -if possible- 2 tell 'em that we are there for them and we will always be..!

you can never imagine how relief the simple visit can make!As prophet Mohammad said:"When a Muslim visits a sick Muslim at dawn, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till dusk. If he visits him in the evening, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till the morning; and he will have (his share of) reaped fruits in Jannah."

visiting the sick is among the responsibilities and duties that a Muslim should fulfil.

May Allah bless us all with health and joy and cure and heal all the sick people in the world!


ღ Rawan said...
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ღ Rawan said...

Hospitalz!!*Let out a yech* :S!!
Believe it or not every time I enter a hospital I become N the mood to go n a real crying jag :(

'coz Ma Granny & ma aunt died in a hospital!!

so,Hospital 4 me = Bad memories!!

liked the part when u mention Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him ,'coz if U take a deep look @ this "hadeeth" u will know that Islam is just so sweeeeet & pure :)

oh n AMEEEEEEN for ur doa'a :)

Manno~ said...

yeah,totally agree!
but we shouldn't 4get about the bright side of hospitals,too!
they are places where a LOT of ppl have been rescued..!
thnx 4 passin' by Rona<3

мσσŋч said...

Omg hospitals hospitals
& ma adrak ma el-hospitals ..
actually the r with 2 sides as u said
< Dark & Bright >

i remember when we go with " ma3had el-Quran " 2 visit ppl
& espically kids ..
my mom & dad bought 4 them gifts ..
& i dunno 4get the kid's faces when they recieve the gifts..
it's rlly somthin' that u do & be happy 4 it ..

wishin' 2 visit them more & more

keep it up & allah ykteb lna el-aJer ^^

Manno~ said...

What you've done was so pure!<3
Allah ykteb lk el ajr<3

thnx 4 passing(F)^^