Friday, August 15, 2008

God's heaven..On his earth!

The most beautiful nature I've ever seen is there!..everything is incredibly beautiful sub7an Allah!the mountains,the waterfalls,the forests,the rivers,the green areas and even the cows!:D


it was amazing.Amazingly amazing!:PUnfortunately I have just few pics 2 support my wordz

so simply if U want beautiful nature,just take a plane and head 2 Austria !the most gorgeous place there is lake Zell am see. It's pronounced (Zellamsaih)

Here some quotes I wanna add them about travel n I find them so true!

" who haven't gone anywhere but his country,he has read only the first page of the universe book"by Fogre de Monbrone

"Certainly,travel is more than the seeing of sights,it is a change that goes on,deep and permanent,in the ideas of living".by Miriam Beard

"I've discovered that there is no certain way to know how much you love or hate anybody except when you travel with him"by Mark Twain

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it"by George Moore<--Amen 2 that!!

Some of 'em are my own translation:#translated from Arabic


Certainly a tourest or a traveler becomes an ambassador for his religion and country..and he can represent 'em in anyway he choose 2!!

Hopefully U liked the series,and alwayz remember 2 obey God in all situations, circumstances n places.



(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Good good good......

Mona said...


v.short n meaningful comment!؛)
nice 2 see ya!

miss queen said...

Nice , nice , nice :) !
I like what u said about keepin our Obedience 2 Allah every time n everywhere .

thanx for the lovely post
can not Wait 2 see ur next one !

God bless you Sis .

Mona said...

(God bless you Sis)<--I felt like U r a nun or somethin':P

What's up with the triple comments?!

Thank U 4 passin' by<3

L.I.Riyadh© said...

Lovely Blog... this is my first time passing by... and the pics got to me.. I have been telling my hubby I wanna go to Autria for a few weeks now.. lol.. hopefully I will get my way soon enough.. :)

Mona said...

Thank U so much:)
you r most welcome here..
I wish U an enjoyable visit if U decide 2 go:)
n don't forget 2 show me ur shots coz U look a good photographer:)

Romance Lover said...

wordz r not enough 2 describe your creativity ,,

your shots r really fantastic & amazing

braaaaaaVoO 3laiky ya mo7tarefah :$

keep it up sweetie :|

Mona said...

mo7tarifa marra wa7da?:#

Thanx a bunch 4 commenting<3


RONA said...

OMG mooooon<==='78eeet
no really,,all this creativity!!!
ppl i'm serious when i say that this girl is good in every thing she do "masha'a allah"
my eyes are cold on u<==keef eltranslation hehehe?
all i can say is (abda3teeee ya moon)

Mona said...

What can I say:$
wah bas thank yo :$
<~5anha el ta3beer XD

~peace out