Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tho holiest spot on Earth

It is the Holy Mosque in Makkah..Muslims all over the world ,who comprise one of every five people in the world today,are required to face in the directiom of Ka'abah when they pray.It's a special place which has unique treasures .The Holy Mosque has its own spiritual significance among Muslims which Saudi Arabia is so blessed to have this holy site on its soil .It's the place where Muslims can do Hajj (pilgrimage)and Omrah,the journies of a lifetime.

I've been blessed 2 be in Makkah two weeks ago ,n I had Omrah thank God<3>

I noticed that there were no beggars in Makkah as usual!Maybe the governmant's imposed some strict rules to avoid begging!who knows!but I kinda like it anyway!

my aunt told me that she met a foriegn woman who sayed that she comes every year 2 Makkah and beg 4 two months,then she returns home n lives with the begging money 4 the whole year!!So sad!


I'll tell U some secrets about Al Ka'abah that only a few ppl know!

When U enter Al Ka'abah-which is not sth usual 4 average ppl-In the middle of Al Ka'abah there are three pillars covered with the fanciest kinds of decorated wood.

In the north side of Ka'abah on the right a small door called(bab al tawbah).The door which made of a v. rare piece of wood covered with decorated gold and silver leads to a thick glass made spiral stairs leads to the Ka'bah roof.

On the western wall that faces Ka'abah,there are nine antique marble slabs inscribed with the kalifs names who did the renovation and restorstion for Ka'abah in the past.The 4 sides of al Ka'abah are covered with white marbles two meters high and with colored and decorated marble with Islamic ornaments.What above this is covered with pinkish red special curtains textured with AL Shahadatain in white color as a gift from king Fahad bin AbdulAziz God's mercy.

Now we will move on to AL Kiswah(the outer cover of Ka'abah)

One Kiswah consumes 670kg of natural silk and 150kg of gold and silver which total cost 20million SR(more than 5 million$)

The normally be allowed to enter many of pilgrims and pray in the middle of AL Ka'abah and they are selected randomly.Leaving greater opportunity for women to seize this opportunity which will not be repeated only once every year!

If U enter Al Ka'abah which is Al Qiblah at the same time,You have to pray two rak3ah towards each wall.

I hope I gave some helpful info =) I wanted 2 share with u some info that was new 2 me!tell me what da ya think of the pics-I had some hard time taking them in Al 7aram!=)-



Romance Lover said...

jazak alla 1000 5air ,, 4 your amazing post about the Holy Mosque ,
and the great info ,,

WoOow the pics r perfectly peEeRfecT ,,

it looks very fanTast!c ^^

Mona said...

Thank u soso<3
weeak ya Rab:)
so glad that u liked the pics<3

ur comments keep my inthusiasm:)
c ya..