Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lets Partaaay!!!:D



This year,three of my cousins have graduated from high school.So I have 2 give 'em presents ! Let me show U some of 'em...

This was 4 Montaha el re8ah<3:p

3'adoosh's gift(L)

I know it's a little bit late!but kefe!<--:(

Speakin' about gifts,I pretty like it when I get a pop gift!<3

It's a warm n nice feeling when someone thinks about U n wants 2 cheer U up!

Last year,I had soO many fabulous gifts from all my family coz of my graduation<3

Umm.. What kinda gifts do U like the most?perfumes,accessories,bagz,dollz or puppets,cardz,flowerz,cakes?

4 me I like 2 get aT-shirt or a v.unique nicklace or maybe a jacket!I like brandz of course:D..humm some machines like a soda maker or badicure machine maybe! n I like 2 give 'em as a present!..What else?....oh yeah I like pajamas too!don't laugh!I think it's a cute gift specially 4 close ppl!don't U think so?

Umm I don't preffer 2 give perfumez 4 ppl I don't know well, coz they may not like it!I usually giveTshirts,nailpolishes!,glosses!,wallets,jackets, ties,bracelets,special made cakes with sprinkle candles,cardz n chocolate

n they all depend on the occasion of cource!

What about U?What kinds of gifts Da ya like 2 get or give?

Do U think that pajamas n slippers could be a nice n cute gift 4 ur friendz?

n what is the gifts that U don't like 2 have at all??

Share ur favs n opinionz with me!:)



Montaha al-R8H said...

Yaaay , MnoOosh (L) :
EL - blog very wonderful
Oo cute Oo Ray8 :$ ..
& a7la sha2 My GIFT loOoOol :p
thaNx ya 8lbO =)

Ummmm , U gud N taking photos :$
Continue & gud job ya B6h

O li Back N sha2 allah

Mona said...

Thx a bunch<3..
Happy 2 hear dat!
waitin' 4 ur back:)

3zoZ said...

Nice blog<--bdry!
It's a wonderful thing swapping gifts btw friends..
A1:electronics are my fave.

A2:No I don't think pajamas and slippers are appropriate.

A3:things like..a painting..fanageel:D..a set of pen!

and good luck Mona<3

Mona said...

Hey bro:)..
nawar my blog<3

I agree!

yeah,electronics r good n specially 4 boyz!!

I respect ur opinion about p&s.

fanageel loool:D who can blame U!:P


miss queen said...
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miss queen said...

what a nice thing -Receivin gifts !!

I like gifts coz they give u a wram feelin of love n care .
Especially when they r unexpected !

Islam Proved that , the prophet _PBUH_ said (تهادوا تحابوا )
it is sOoO oveias that the gifts Create Happiness , joy and love everywhere !
I think you were Excellent when u choose this topic 2 talk about <- kthar allah 5eereek Rehaf 5anom !!!

anyways Iam gona answer the Qs
to Avoid more 5nb8a !!

A1 /
If I love someone then I will Certainly love his gift :)

A2 /
yes . that`s super CoOol.

A3 /
Hmmm, Jlabia !!
I just Receive a Jlabia as a gift n to b honest I did not like it @ all ..
if some one gave me a gift wich do not fit my size :( !
come on ppl !
that is mean she dose not know me at all :( <= !!!
thanks mona for the interesting sub .

Mona said...

hey 3'addoO..
5nb8e as U like :D. it's all about 5anba8a here:P
A1)that's deplomat!
A2)I totally agree!
A3)LOL:D:D hehehe I laughed for about 10min on this chapter!
Your comment was a great addition<3
Thank U 4 participatin':)


Romance Lover said...

yeslamoOo minMin 3a haik post :> ,,

immmmmmm ,, of course giving & recieving gifts is V, impoOortant 4 every 1 , coZ it reflects the Love & the appriciation ...

regarding my favs about gifts .. immm i pretty like recieving pajama < a7eB el bajayem < specially 3ashan NoOomi ketheeeeeeeeer ZzZz hahahhaha

also I LOVE FLOWERS but of course 4 and from special ppl ..

bagz is so nice also and i prefer it 2b from a foreign brandz ,,

anyway i really appriciate gifts whatever it is ,, yakfi en el person fakkar O ahda mahma kanat el gift ..

another time , thanxXx ya mobde3ah :D

Mona said...

hey Sara..
ThanQ 4 ur comment ..
I agree about pjs..they're cute<3
nice wordz..
C U ~