Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A lunch in Deriyah

ompletely out of the blue , my za7af family decided 2 have our friday lunch in Der3eah:S
FAG2AAAAA!!!! we packed our stuff or THEY packed in better wordz ,got into the car and headed 2 Der3eah! It was not far away!I got surprised by the beauty of the traditional landmarks there,, we went to wadi 7anifah 'n had our lunch on it's edge!It was a kind of exotic adventure.
I was takin' snap shots all the time as I always do;) my bros 'n I got a lesson in history:) what really catched my eye is the big mosque of Der3eah<3..It was very beautiful(the one on the lift side of the pic). Also, I liked the palm trees surrounding nearly all the places there!
peace out~


Lost.In.Riyadh© said...

I LOVE going to Dir3iya! I haven't been there in a while.. LOTS of history... and tons of great pics to take! I need to go back and take pics of my little girl there soon!!!

Mona said...

I'll say!
thnx 4 commenting:)

~Rawanology said...

loool walla to be honest it is a nice place :)
I went to it last week end,,it was cool 9ara7a :)
loved it :*

Fahad Rules said...
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Mona said...

Looks like I'm advertising here=P
I got U go there;)
Merci Rawano*:
peace out~

мσσŋч said...


amazin' place ..
amazin' weather
& amaZin' palms ..
i luv palm trees ..

hhh a7la shay Fag2aa

keep it up dear ^^

Mona said...

my beloved family are big fans of fag2aaas =P

tara I've done some editing on the pix^*

thnx 4 passin' by here<3