Friday, March 6, 2009


f u r in a sitution when U have 2 choose btw ur LOVE or ur DIGNITY, which one would U choose 'n why?

Do love blend well with dignity???In other wordz .. Can U love someone without giving some consessions 'n losing completely or partly some of ur dignity?

a couple a quistions that I need someone 2 share answering them with me ,coz when it comes 2 dignity I usually go extreme 'n not think reasonably!

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peace out~


Sara - 8aLB el3ana said...

hi my dearest Moon ,, i thank u a lot about this wonderful post =)

coz love is a great feeling that everyone have even if u love ur lover or friendz or any one else ..

sara7a , no doubt , love & dignity related 2 each other ,
el karamah aham shay but fi 7dood el man6e8 ,,

Love needs ta'97eyah oO tanazulat ,, wela kan ma a7ad 7abb

however , lazem a little bit dignity 3ashan ur lover know that u dont love him in a silly way ..

that's my opinion ..

Keep it up mooni ,,

Nice Choice

Regards ,,

XD said...

well ..

For me I`d Sacrifice my dignity / pride 4 someone IF AND ONLY IF that ONE worth - earn it !

it goes without saying that
LOVE is more imporant than DIGNITY in namy casses.. Such that our love- as Muslims 4 ALLAH and 4 His Messenger PBUH.
our love - as sons and daughters 4 our perants and families.
our love 4 our Dearest friend n our Soulmate.

On the other Hand My DIGNITY would be very very Precious 2 be wasted on #$%#^% kind of ppl

Oo 5taman
Mn Ba3na Bel Ro59.. B blash
Nbe3ooooooh {-- lba el89em

Grat PIC

Mona said...

So0S & GhaddoO thanks 4 participating ,you really enriched the topic friends:)

Sarah ..I loved the part bout avoiding loving some1 in a silly convincing!
............ got it right!!that some one should WORTH it!or else NOT!

I agree bout the categories or cases that U mentioned..sometimes U should 4get bout Ur dignity when loving God & prophet Muhammad PBUH also our parents and grandparents..

thumbs up Ghada;D

I'll type out my opinion soon coz I'm in a hurry now,I need 2 consentrate..

BIG THNX 2 U gurlz(F)

Mona said...

I'm back:)
what I believe is that love is something essential in our lives, yet what is more important is our own pride 'n dignity!
coz whenever U love someone without maintaining ur dignity,U r doing a great disservice 2 urself!! he or she may look down on U or exploit U 'n such a bad way..I mean loving without ANY limits 'n conditions is sth stupid!!
specially nowadays,love is no more something pure 'n virtuous as it used 2 B..!
not ALL the time though!

Peace out~

~Rawanology said...

what an amazing topic mona!!love it!!
I totally agree with what Ghada said,,
i may sacrfise my dignity IF ,, and plz stress the "IF" it really worth it,,like Islam,Allah n all the Precious thingz 'n ppl in my life, 'n when I say ppl,I mean my parents 'n grandparents like u already said.
thats all 4 now,,
c ya hun:*

with all my love &dignity XD

Mona said...

thx Rawanology:)
C ya around<3

мσσŋч said...

nice post ..
& clear 1 ..

my opinion is smiler 2 Ghada & Rawan ..

they mention their point of view very clear ..
& e5t9ro el-mo'9oo3

God bless u alL

Mona keep it up

ps: nice pic & edit ..
nice shot ^^

Mona said...

Thankies moony
u really cheered me up <3