Monday, March 30, 2009

My Secret admirer<3

See this adorable cute bouquet?
It's from my secret admirer:$

if Ur wondering why it is only one single lonely rose there!
I'll say that it symbolizes that I am the only beautiful rose in his life<3<-in ur dreamz=P
just kidding:PIt is a small bouquet designed by mama!
wildly creative, huh? she's an artist masha2 Allah!

it's dedicated 2 her colleague..
just wanted 2 show U 2 get inspired if U wanna give a simple cute single flower 2 someone U love!



Lost.In.Riyadh© said...

awww... I loved it! And I thought u had a secret admirer... loved the idea though... ur mom is a genius masha'allaaah 3laihaaa!!!

Mona said...


Thankies :)yeah she is a big time genius masha2 Allah <3

мσσŋч said...

wOow ..
awesome idea ..
i like how u thought about that ur the only rose ....etc

gr8 ideas
& gr8 mom u have ..
allah y5aleha leCch ..

keep it up ^^

Mona said...

my thoughts:$lol

Allah y5alelek ur mama w kel el moms ya rab <3<3

Thank You(F)