Thursday, April 2, 2009

mabroOk 3'aDdoOsH<3..(pop party)^^

yesterday,Mantoosh 'n I made a surprise party 2 3'addo0 @ my granny's house:)<3 coz she passed the IELTS exam with high grade masha2 Allah^^ .It is the British version of the TOEFL and it standz 4 International English Language Testing System.

We devided the work,Mantoosh got the flower bouquet and dinner N I got the cake.we didn't want 2 invite anybode coz we wanted it 2 B very close . we've been through some hard time trying 2 get everything done the best way 'n trying 2 keep it secret as we could.Specially dat she was stuck around all the time while prepring the surprise.Frankly,I was SUPER nervous!I even cried:$
'n when my friedz saw my runny nose 'n red eyes,I lied at them 'n said dat I got a flu=P:$I got U guyz;PLoOL. At the end,everything was just perfect 'n 3'ada was happy^^Thank God<3
(U can press the pic 2 see it in a larger size)

what was supposed to B written on the cake : Congratulations IELTS gurl ,but the stupid guy made a mistake 'n wrote IELQS :S wutever!!

All in all,It was a very special night<3we had a big time 2gether 'n we got 1 meter Teryaki sndwich from Quiznoz sub<3<3 4 dinner*yummy*.

peace out~


XD said...

It was extremely cool , I swear !!
loved every single thing <3
Thak u gayz it was one of the best days ever :$

LOVE u moon <3

I will be back

Mona said...

It is GUYS not GAYZ..!=P
B careful 3'addoosh XD

In short:U desserve it!

LOVE U more..than U could imagine!:$

~Rawanology said...

wooooooooow marra nice el cake!!
a7es'ha marra yummmy :)
'3doosh congrats sis ^___^
moon 308balek ya rab :*

Fahad Rules said...
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Mona said...

3ogbalna klna en sha2 Allah*:

thnx 4 passing by^^<3

мσσŋч said...

Congratulations '3adoosh ^^
& 38balkom ya rab klkom ..

very nice Cake & Flowers


Mona said...

thank U moony ^^<3
w 3o8balek enty kaman

enty el nice wallah <3

montaha el-R8H said...




kl ma sh-ft el p.c est7eet :$
m3 enO ma li D5l :$

loooooooooooool ..


LOVE u moon <3

& me :( ?

Manno~ said...


LOVE U more :$

montaha el - R8H said...

heheheh ..

thanX moON~
shofo el Nas el fahmah < 3