Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me Vs Novels

WTH should I do with myself??
I just can't read anymore!!
I used 2 Be an eager reader ,I was a BOOK WORM when I was younger!! but now I'm the biggest loser when it comes to reading novels!
I wanna reaaaaaaad!!!:@
My friend Rawan finished reading TWILIGHT a week ago ma sha2 Allah .Although I started reading THE MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA b4 her,I'm still stuck in the 5th page:"(wut a shame!

our reading teacher always talks bout the importance of speed reading. Nothing on earth is more stupid 'n silly 4 me.. !
OK I admit it!I'm not fast at all!I'm a little snail when I read:$My speed is 182 wpm. 'n even in Arabic I can't go any further than 200!the language is not a barrier!It's just me!

I told my teacher bout my speed 'n she said :this is brilliant!!HELLO!!it's NOT!I really need 2 speed this up!
most of my classmates have passed the250!frankly,I doubt that!unliss if they just pass lines very fast 2 get a general idea bout the text like skimming or scanning but not READING! coz the comprehension counts here!
I mean wut is this?magic?
I don't work hard on that coz who needs speed reading?
definitely not me!!
I'm more of an accurate person.I can't just pass wordz that I donno their meanings or pronunciation unliss if I'm skimming or skannig 4 a specific info.
'n I got an A in reading 3 thank it's just a waste of time!I'm contarstin' my self I know:S
when I complained 2 the teacher bout my speed she was nice enough 2 give me an old novel she said it was in her liberary doing nothing 2 get me 2 improve.
plz pray 4 me 2 finish it up by the end of this break!

peace out~..(F)


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Mona said...

THNX dyanna(F)

XD said...
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XD said...

Close your door
set down
grab your novel n do not u dare
leavin it unless u have read at least 10 pages

Believe me just when u start ur 7 th page u will continue reading until
you fall asleep on ur novel OR finish it..

at least this is what`s happening with me everytime I start reading an exciting novel
All the best with the scarlet letter N wish me an enjoyable time with my new novel Emma

Mona said...


I'll try this out en sha2 Allah!

The best of luck 3'addo0<3

мσσŋч said...

heey Mona
7asah enny da5la '3ala6 hhh ..

huny .. maybe u need some space ..
just put that thoughts behind u ..
& start thinkin' how 2 be better than ur classmates ..
imagine that u r in a race ..
who gonna become the best ..

or as she said ( XD )
start readin' the novel or the book .. then u will feel that u wanna complete cuz u want 2 knw more events ..
Just try
& my best wishes 2 finish it

anana ameer said...

Maybe you are disinterested in the story. Try a different book. Maybe you'll like: The Curious Incident of the Dog at The Night Time, P.S I Love you, or maybe you aren't into novels at all jrby: Freaknomics, or survival of the sickest. Atmana t7sleelik shay y3jibk, lanoo id'a moo 3ajbik forget about reading it bsir3ah. :P ooo sometimes you feel, la lazim agra halkitab 3ashan inoo bestseller, ma3goolah elnas kilha 3ajbhom elkitab o ana moo 3ajbiny(I must admit, I wasted a lot of my time doing this. And seldomly does it get any interesting at the end. sidg ana lame.)

Mona said...

heey moony:)
you're more than welcome here<3
nawar my blog^^
I'll consider that sweetie!
thnx 4 passin' by(F)


anana ameer
I'm BIG TIME disinterested 2 be honest!:(
but coz it's advanced , kinda old English and recommended by the teacher..
and I'm tryin' 2 get improved in speed reading ,that's all..

'n bout bestsellers I agree!!
sometimes what U like is totally different from what most ppl like!

I think I may try something like P.S I love you or Twilight!
thnx 4 ur advice^^

Ruba said...

well..hi first =P
humm..try to change the type of books u read..cuz i have the same problem..after suffering for 4 years i discover that i hate novels =S looool..these days i'm reading a scientific book & i enjoy it =D
i like ur recent i'll be visiting ur blog from time 2 time.. <3

Mona said...

Heey.. :)

I tried multiple times 'n I'm still trying!

well,I don't think that scientific books will do any good
4 me in the current time:(!!=P Although I used 2 enjoy reading some interesting scientific books a few yearz back!

wut I'm focusing on right now is
forcing me 2 read & enjoy NOVELS.
so I'd better get going on my lame list 4 now..
You're more than welcome Ruba^^<3