Saturday, November 15, 2008

B .. careful !!!

Hey ..
It's been a LONG time since I last posted here!!
the new year's started 'n I'm so busy hittin' the books=P


hummm I'm so sick these days 'n my voice sounds like a car engine:S!!!
I wanna show U sth I really like in the univ.
this is my baby XD

Although it can cut U in half=P but I'm in love with this elevator 'n I have no idea why!

Peace out~


Ghada said...

you just fell in love with the wrong person sweet pie !
you will relize that soon or later !
but the good news is there is alot of good people out there - me for example = )

wlcome back mona
keep it up

Mona said...


I'm completely positively sure dat he's SO the right person,or should I say thing!:D

I know it's so m8arba3 'n everything but love is blind friend;P



Anonymous said...

You don't WHY !!!
I'll tell you why honey:D

coz you can see the ugliest creature in its mirror XD

Mona said...

Sharashef :@

I can alwayz recognize U 4rm ur VERY POLITE speech sweet pie=P

I'll keep lookin' at the ugliest creature baby :P
at least I wont have 2 look at Ur beauty 'n feel jealous;P


romance lover said...

aham shay el elevator & it's mirror ,,

& don't worry it wont cut u in half inshallah coz u have a friendo called
( 8randizer el college ) hahahahahha

wish u all the best my dearest ,,

& keep posting such amazing thingz

fedaitets< at7addak t8rainha hahahaha:D

Mona said...


Sara u know u R a real hero<3

I wont be afraid as long as u R by my side:$

Ur heroic acting dat day deserves a medal of brave 9ara7a;P

C ya ya m8al3at el elevatorz;P