Friday, December 12, 2008

Family kashtah

Hey everyone..

3eed Feedz..

The 1st day of 3eed,my family gathered 4 lunch n it was all about la7mah.I sat with them, watched them eating, then I ordered fast food

My little sis 3abeer asked papa 2 go 2 the desert 2day!I'm not a big fan of desert actually! but coz she wanted 2 go so badly,they waked me up from my cozy warm bed 2 go 4 a picnic!
anywayz,I carried up my cam n all the time I was chic choc with the camera<3
they caught me with a very weird position taking one of my snaps:Pit's n mama's mobile!

VANS is really photogenic !
n it's comfortable n practical everywhere!LUV it<3one time I saw an old lady in the mall wearing vans LoL so cool grandma:P

BTW uploading images on blogger sucks!

Hope U like 'em..
Ciao Ciao~


Rawan said...

woooooow woooooow n i mean WOOOW
waaay to go sis,,marra nice elshot+elcolor^^
I really liked it,,
u r good @ it so keep it up 4 always,,

Mona said...
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Mona said...

ThanQ soO much friendo..

the 1st snap has an (action effect) it's so cool 4 shots, U should apply it on ur amazing shots;)

Thankies 4 encouraging me=)


romance lover said...

oOoOoh wanaaaaaaaaasah < aham shay eldesert ana majnoooonaton feeha

i really like ur pics it looks soOo wonderful as u :$

wah bas wallah bost wesh mel7ah :)

keep it up honey ,,

famanoO YA A7LA MANnOo

Mona said...

Desert? NAAAAH!!:(
I enjoied my chic choc only..

may B with all the family oke4a!I donno!

THNX 4 commenting..'n I'm smelling a buried talent in here;P

merci ya sha3eratna;D