Friday, June 26, 2009

Stupid Nicknames..!!

Calling ppl with their nicknames most ov the time shows that you're a close friend or that you love them:) or just wanna B nice,right?
but calling ppl names is totally different!!It is impolite and God told us not to!
Anywho,you can sometimes know "somehow" that some ppl R calling you names:@:P
I got 2 know bout some ov them-_-"
OK, lets start with nicknames.Unfortunately I don't have a fixed 1!
papa calls me: Manno, Mama: Nany, granpa:Mana<3(he 
says it w the warmest tone evaaa<3 style="text-align: center;">Ya Maaaana,he calls:$<3 style="text-align: center;">friends:Manno-Moon,relatives:Mannoosh-Moon*rooling eyes*.I luv 'em all anyways>But wait ! there is someone I reeeally hate*throwing up* ! mon mon , yuuuk! 
Lets move on to names that ppl call you:)  some ov the nicknames I got


this was a long ago, I think when I was in junior high coz I was kinda silent :P

A Doll

by aunty sam
'n I've no freakin' idea why?!!

have ppl called you names?
or you have nicknames that U like or hate?
share with moi^^


ღ Rawan said...

Loooooved it !

U know moon i Love nicknames,I don't know why but i love them.

I share one nickname with u,a friend of mine used to call "Tweety"!
Ummm others like, Rona,Rawani,RORO,RoRita and the newest nickname is "twilighter"-__- no need to tell ya the reason behind it!

Keep it up gurl,,
I really liked this 1 <3

Manno~ said...


LOL,so we're all TWEETIES XD

bout ur nicknames,I think I like Rona & Rwayen the best;P

who called you Twilighter?
so true!

мσσŋч said...

CooooOL Post ..

& u've More than 2 XD
'bout me ..
they calL Me [ Amoon ]
or [ Amna ] < with my real Name

but somtimes in Msn they calL Me
[ Moony ]< actully i luv that 1

Keep iT up uP UP !

Manno~ said...

I luv moony <3
the cutest^^

thank you 4 passin' by <3

XD said...

My name is 3`ada {-- e7lfee

So they call me
3`ado {-- my fav
3`adooh {-- thzee2
the worst is 3`deed :S

My Stupid Nicknames r

5yara,zytona,sndrelat el freej xD {-- the last 1 is nsba

Reallly Nice idea
Like th@ Post very much

Keep it up & up

Manno~ said...

enjoyed ur comment 3'adooh<3:P
I'm tomato & you're cucumber,lets make a salad!:D<~-_-"

I was struggling 2 remember that sendrelat el freej thingyXPthank God you clarified that it was a joke!