Wednesday, January 28, 2009


BOOO...!! FinalZzZz r around the corner!!:O I really need 2 stop fooling around ,roll up ma sleeves n start hittin' the books!U know wut I've done 2 entertain myself during the finalz period?I've bought a bag of prepackaged fries(my luv<3)n wedges.B4 I start studying,I tell the maid 2 fry me some with ketchup n mayo<3what a diet,huh?=P I' ll stop posting 4 a couple a weeks..I know I'm not updating my blog daily but anywayz..I won't B here for a quiet time..

May God help me n all ho r involved in Finalz!
peace out~


XD said...

How was the grammar ?

Allah ywfe8na : )

the best of luck 4 you moon <3

Mona said...

It was GREAT thank God!
then thanks 2 U my best friend<3

seriously Ghaddo donno how 2 thank U gurl..I'm really ,truly ,deeply grateful:$

4 those who donno wut did she do 4 me, I'll tell U..I called her halfnight 'n I started grumblin' 'n complainin' bout the grammar final'n she was in her bed.She woke up 'n 9allat rak3eteen 'n prayed 4 me<3<3

luv ya SO MUCH my soulmate<3<3

мσσŋч said...


aham shay el-diet ..